Even though Sunken living room designs are considered a traditional decoration concept, they offer great alternatives for contemporary living room decorations thanks to modern interpretations. Sunken living room ideas divide your living room into different sections, making it look wider. Besides, you will have a living space where you can relax in your living room.

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Sunken living rooms are a living space that is a few steps below the rest of your home. Also, they are known as the sunken room or the conversation pit. It is the decorated pits or living room parts that add warmth and sincerity to homes. So sunken rooms were the perfect way to make a home feel more intimate. Besides, we can say that the golden age of the sunken living room is in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

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This is a very modern sunken living room design. Most of the living space is covered with sofas. Also, you can see a few coffee tables and living room cabinets in this decoration. The one edge of this sunken concept has been completely turned into a bookshelf. Besides, the one wall contains a big window.

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If you have a large detached house, you can consider this sunken living room idea. There is a stylish brick fireplace concept in this composition. White sofas are used inside the wooden partitions. Also, a small coffee table is placed on the leather rug. One of the prominent features of this living room is the lighting system consisting of different lamps and candles.

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This is a spacious, clean, and bright sunken living room design. It is possible to use this concept for villa and summer houses. The aqua-colored sitting set matches perfectly with wooden coffee tables. In addition, the ceiling lamps also seem quite compatible with this interior design.

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If you have a big house on the coast, This sunken living room may be ideal for you. The lamps with fans are preferred on the ceiling to cool the living room. Also, this living room has a dining room section. Sofas and coffee table combination look very modern. You can consider this living room for your beachside home.

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This sunken living room decor is similar to a cave. A carved wooden coffee table and ancient vases are compatible with this interior design. Also, a comfortable sitting group is preferred for the pit.

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Here is a comfy sunken living room idea. Purple pillows and cushions were preferred over the sofas placed in the pit. Also, the purple paintings on the wall are ideal for color matching. Besides, you can also add your living room a TV.

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This is a modern and luxury sunken living room with an open kitchen. There are marble stairs around the pit in this design concept. We can also say that the pit is not too deep. In addition, a beautiful living space has been created with two armchairs and a sofa.

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