Today IKEA bathroom ideas are extremely famous. It is possible to design wonderful bathrooms with extremely modern, minimalist, and stylish furniture and bathroom accessories that you can obtain from world-famous Swedish-originated IKEA stores. There are lots of options such as towel holders, shelves, soap dispersers cabinets in the bathroom categories of IKEA stores. If you like Nordic and Scandinavian bathroom designs, we recommend you take a look at our Ikea bathrooms gallery.

The Best IKEA Bathroom Ideas Gallery

IKEA has often presented bathroom products that are useful and affordable. Thus you can transform unused bathroom spaces into effective storage ideas. At IKEA, you can also find functional products such as towel holders, floating shelves, hanging baskets, ladders, wall units, as well as stylish and stylish bathroom furniture that will take your bathroom to a new level.

Minimalist IKEA Bathroom Idea

If you want to design a Scandinavian-style bathroom, IKEA will assist you. This is a clean, basic and minimal bathroom that is decorated with IKEA furniture and bathroom accessories. There is a small bathtub and a classic toilet in this bathroom. Also, bathroom items are organized with shelves and a modern sink cabinet. Details such as the picture frame and plant on the wall add warmth and intimacy to the bathroom.

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 1

Modern IKEA Bathroom Design

You can decorate a wonderful bathroom with furniture such as washbasins, bathroom vanities, cabinets that you can buy at IKEA stores. In this bathroom, we can see a stylish washbasin and a wooden cabinet under the sink. In addition, a simple square mirror completes this composition beautifully. The shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass partition. Also, we can say that decorative elements such as the carpet, towel holder, soap dispensers, and candles add a nice touch to this bathroom decoration.

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 4

Marble Scandinavian-Inspired IKEA Bathroom Idea

If you like Nordic bathroom designs, you can consider this IKEA-inspired bathroom alternative. In this bathroom, the floors and walls are covered with marble. Many decorative elements and objects are used together to create a beautiful atmosphere. The shower cabin, the sink cabinet, and mirrors are perfectly compatible with each other. Modern wall lamps and ceiling spotlights are used in combination for bathroom lighting. Besides, details such as the wooden stool, towels, candles, soap dispersers, and plants enrich this bathroom design.

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 6

Cozy IKEA Bathroom Section

In this photo, we see part of a warm and cozy bathroom. It is very easy to decorate such a bathroom with products you buy from IKEA. There is a countertop washbasin in this part of the bathroom. Also, we can say that the wooden cabinet is compatible with the circular mirror. Plenty of plants are preferred for decoration.

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 7

Simple IKEA Bathroom Idea

This is a basic IKEA bathroom idea. The walls are covered with standard square tiles. We can say that wooden furniture is used in general for bathroom design. There is a small sink console with a cabinet. The wooden chair with ladder and wooden shelf are good choices for arrangement.

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 10


Ikea Bathroom Ideas 12

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 14

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 16

Small White IKEA Bathroom Decoration

It is quite possible to have a modern and stylish bathroom with IKEA bathroom ideas. If your home has a small bathroom, You can have a spacious and clean bathroom with functional bathroom furniture and accessories. The bathtub, the toilet, and the sink in this bathroom look contemporary and chic. In addition, you can add some movement to your simple bathroom with decorative products such as toilet paper holders and plant pots that you can obtain from IKEA stores. Besides, the cabinet under the sink may be enough for storage.

Ikea Bathroom Ideas 2

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Ikea Bathroom Ideas 17

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