We are sharing the best coastal living room ideas. Regardless of whether your home is on the seaside (beach) or not, if you like coastal living room designs, you will love this gallery. It is possible to create a marine connotation in your living room with furniture that is generally dominated by white and blue color tones. Also, You can feel sea life by using nautical decorative objects and elements. Here are awesome coastal living room ideas.

Modern Coastal Living Room Ideas Gallery

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This is a clean and sophisticated coastal living room idea. We can say that this decoration is also mostly dominated by white color tones like other beachside homes. The Interior designer had used roller blinds for windows. Also, ceiling lamps and coffee tables complement each other. Wicker furniture and wooden decorative objects are perfect for this coastal style.

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In this example, you see a section of the coastal living room. The frame with the beach photo on the wall matches the seaside idea. There are one big plant and three small plants for decoration in this living room. In addition, the white sofa and blue pillows seem to be in harmony. Coastaldreamdesign 332102612207503251930445859371659978342400n

Here is a minimal coastal living room option. This room contains a glass door that opens towards the garden. We see that the designer of this room uses a small amount of furniture. Thus, this living room has a comfy live space. There is a clean picture frame on the wall. Besides, The L-shaped sofa, poufs, and coffee table are compatible with each other. Coastaldreamdesign 522739146975916373101373328131576957177043n

We are sharing a coastal dining room in this alternative. Wooden tables and wicker chairs reflect the sea and sun concept very well. There is a beautiful rug under the dining table. Also, the picture frame and plant add a nice touch to this coastal living room decoration.

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This is a modern coastal living room design. The walls of this wooden house are painted white and parquet is preferred for the floor. Two same sofas have placed opposite each other. There is a wooden coffee table in the middle. You can see an ocean painting above the fireplace.

Coastaldecor 13340761422518300849603183835088502498565370n

If you have a home near to the ocean or to the sea, you can consider this coastal living room concept. The fish sculptures on the wall immediately catch the eye of this interior design. This is a large living room with an open kitchen. There are lots of furniture and decorative items such as dining tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables. Coastalinteriors 1307358444301726580072558492928659246542566n Coastalinteriors 1313612288598552081825983192027521839277490n Coastalinteriors 13416341973652244365441043400424101402216n Coastalinteriors 13722083910185427553201537291038864903076231n

Coastaldecor 1281647522232575824959068520508183573900789n Coastalinteriors 137380352411412110077677674661226436204972n Coastalinteriors 1409239234095667769721025357536809864414330n Coastalinteriors 145988674261942855426655349846189595091443n

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This is a luxury coastal living room idea. It has a stylish and authentic look. We can see that the wicker seats are combined with blue cushions. Also, different colors are used together in this seaside concept. In addition, there is a rounded dining table and chairs in one section of this living room. Coastalinteriors 1485031507106219829899104433354315882979277n Coastalinteriors 1485451444254364786754765751602531694033397n

Here is an awesome section of the coastal living room. There is a classic armchair in this decor. Also, the picture frames on the wall create a beautiful composition. Lastly, we can say that the cabinet and plants complement perfectly this interior design. Coastalinteriors 1485534391286077968433966563391887410761591n Coastalinteriors 1494920222768751737859135684550280010353153n Coastalinteriors 1801364218354263367245362567592601293160448n Coastalinteriors 186460721564180156939193585185432904400896n Coastalinteriors 1905067518695876000322402405022535746846720n Coastalinteriors 191225341151708357530038031289402695090176n Coastalinteriors 195353197280115807029565981582076757934080n Coastalinteriors 220698939671445767574242873106759067631616n Coastalinteriors 2215799110792224955143799138176575945048064n Coastalinteriors 224268335616909408521866674603701694365696n Coastalinteriors 2250031115860585381168457622588831727878144n Coastalinteriors 228578662796169125581577699393086182391808n Coastalinteriors 242740841482479124876614995146681503711232n Coastalinteriors 2757388818066229460494026212895486173511680n Coastalinteriors 308293101560273384272244248639657031499776n Coastalinteriors 367964515708441766466935054899941562908672n Coastalinteriors 37367495696082147410180314839648465584128n Coastalinteriors 388592812819909959309094526399242217979904n Coastalinteriors 513765571169483960658411060771624329957597n Coastalinteriors 64446516789338514800704796346138834269078n Coastalinteriors 705558354937964947432083814278094918468002n Coastalinteriors 826178868472473123933658521194516125848823n Coastalinteriors 839198361892397855214742721082297988714793n Coastalinteriors 8434980429322948667915431300506666903150398n Coastal Living 9226830523066450896380653098803751916548402n Coastaldecor 1072824111471985436992166854007087814421688n Coastaldecor 1095454317464894394454282718709915995156839n Coastaldecor 1172915585984856275209962155012927287022524n Coastaldecor 1190441413418629271692257900462114381192501n Coastaldecor 12334017710549419849442703715419049218845988n Coastaldecor 1233878902110974337090903072973250068815839n Coastaldecor 12388406351625440271050485308307067115083019n Coastaldecor 12481697635802655820588715970098077339334687n Coastaldecor 1260709173842835462399016253952377518467789n Coastaldecor 12893085914915235943888328099913138804850506n Coastaldecor 129719134739225213350415567730214735402556n Coastaldecor 1309144132024164481489583403656196697136021n Coastaldecor 136173510112258213150409198550929558990128n Coastaldecor 1369486682927352121893386807203483526142846n Coastaldecor 1369782554636070716989748829730688947480440n

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Coastaldecor 1259351026622689480118107910199905720589600n

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