Although designing an attic bathroom is considered difficult due to the restrictive shapes of roofs, great attic bathroom ideas can be created with the right planning and decoration. The key is height. If you place the bathroom furniture, bathtub, cabinets, and sink in areas with the proper heights, you will use the attic space efficiently.

Generally, people want to use their attic as an additional storage space or bedroom in the first place. However, actually, lofts are great for designing great bathroom concepts. If you consider a bathroom for your attic spaces, you can find the best attic bathroom ideas to inspire you in this article.

The Best Attic Bathroom Ideas Gallery

It is a fact that attics are approached with suspicion in terms of decoration due to the sloped ceiling. But you can overcome the difficulties of lofts by using your creativity. Expanding the attic spaces with a few renovations could be an option. If this is not possible, you can still have a small but useful attic bathroom.

Besides, attic bathrooms are one of the most ideal living spaces for rest and relaxation. You can enjoy silence and peace in a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Pure White Attic Bathroom Idea

This is a beautiful white attic bathroom design. It looks very clean and fresh. There is a small sunken bathtub in the marble space. We can say that it is a perfect design for relaxation and peace. A lunar-shaped window just above the bathtub brightens this attic bathroom. Besides, details such as vases, the picture frame, the plant, and the small carpet complete this attic bathroom concept in a wonderful way.

Attic Bathroom Ideas 1

High Ceiling Attic Bathroom Decoration

Here is a perfect high ceiling attic bathroom idea. A large window on the roof floods this attic bathroom with daylight. Also, there is a small window on one wall too. Marble and green paint are used in combination for the walls. In this way, the degree of the dimness of the environment is balanced. A stylish black and white tub are preferred for this bathroom. Also, there is a vintage chair and plants in this room. We can say that the fireplace is a creative idea for an attic bathroom.
Attic Bathroom Ideas 2

Modern Attic Bathroom Design

If you want an alluring and chic attic bathroom design, you can consider this. Tiles on the floor, wooden ceiling, and walls are complete each other perfectly. In this bathroom, the shower and bathtub are separated by a glass screen. The walls of this section are covered with modern stones. We can see a marble sink console. Also, there is a stylish cabinet under the sink. We recommend this modern attic bathroom concept for multi-story houses.

Attic Bathroom Ideas 3

Attic Bathroom Decor With Low Ceiling

If you have a low ceiling loft, the height may be a challenge for you. So, you need to choose your bathroom furniture according to ceiling height. In this bathroom section, a beautiful vintage bathtub is used for this part of the attic bathroom. Also, the environment is enriched by a few plants.

Attic Bathroom Ideas 5

Luxury Attic Bathroom Idea

This is a deluxe attic bathroom idea. Especially, floor tiles and wall panels look extremely impressive. There is a modern bathtub on the one side of this attic bathroom. Also, the showerhead which is placed on the ceiling in the middle seems like a creative idea. A wooden small bathroom table is a good choice for organizing towels. Spotlights used for lighting are very suitable for this bathroom concept. You can consider this amazing attic bathroom for your penthouse.

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